Monday, August 15, 2011

Katherine Jackson Britney Spears To Collaborate Become Neighbors

Do we have the beginnings of a new sitcom reality TV series here?
While her house compound gets renovated, Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson's three kids are temporarily moving into a Calabasas mansion down the block from Britney Spears!
Katherine will be throwing down $26,000 a month for the temp mansion, which is the EXACT amount of [...]


Oh for goodness sake! It never ends with these foolish kids!

Teen Mom's Amber Portwood had YET ANOTHER violent confrontation with baby daddy Gary Shirley, because she discovered that he was attempting to play her and his current girlfriend, Ashley!

Sources reveal that Amber had bonded with Ashley, under the impression that she and Shirley had split, and when she found out that she had been deceived, a fight broke out!

The insider explains:

"Amber said Gary was sending her flowers and texting her, saying he hadn't been talking to Ashley. Once they got to Gary's house, Amber hit Gary for trying to play both of them. When Amber learned that Gary was still communicating with Ashley, she got in Ashley's face like she was going to hit her. Amber was standing up for Ashley because he was talking shit, saying he was trying to use her to make Amber jealous. Amber almost hit him a few more times because he was talking shit about Ashley. He later called Ashley and left a long apology, but Amber was texting her all day with threatening messages like, 'Don't text me anymore for your sake.'"

Just lovely, as always, bb!

We sincerely hope that this girl learns how to redirect her anger issues somehow. No child should have to grow up around violence.

So sad.

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