Thursday, January 26, 2012

Janet Jackson Kicks Off Her World Tour In Manila, Philippines

And … she’s off. Janet Jackson officially kicked off the first date of her massive Number Ones Greatest Hits World Tour in Manila, Philippines last night. JJ performed a string of hits in front of a sold out house of fans. Photos and video of Janet‘s first concert stop quickly made their way to Twitter [...]

Let me tell you about my Friday … my very looooooooong and drawn out Friday … ugh. So, earlier this week I discovered that my car battery had died so I decided to take it into the VW dealership to have it replaced. Now, I know I could’ve gotten the battery replaced for much cheaper somewhere else but I love my car and really like having the dealership take care of these sorts of things. I’ve never had a problem with my car before so … what the Hell. Then my long day began …

Basically, I spent the entirety of my life stuck in the waiting room trying to entertain myself with anything available. To be honest, the wait wasn’t that long … but it did take longer than they said it would. The drive home was another story. It took me almost 2 hours to get from the dealership to my home … roughly 8 miles. I damn near lost my mind but … my car had to be fixed, it’s all over now.

Tonight, David and I are preparing our home for a massive party. David decided to invite everyone we know in LA to come over for a pre/anti Super Bowl party. He got all fancy and ordered a bartender and everything … it should be fun. I spent a couple hours compiling the music playlist. I amassed 16 hours of music … hopefully that will be enough. I hope all your Super Bowl weekends will be fun! Yay!!

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