Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Howard Stern Slams Prince For Kicking Kim Kardashian Off The Stage During His Concert!

Wow! She is the LAST person we would expect him to defend!
Howard Stern, who is an admitted huge fan of Prince, was apparently not too pleased to hear about the recent stunt the singer pulled when he invited Kim Kardashian on stage, but then kicked her off when she wouldn't dance for him!
During his [...]

man dies from ncis accident

Less than a week after NCIS was renewed for a ninth season, a security guard has died during a tragic accident on the show's set in L.A.

According to law enforcement sources, a 60-year-old man driving a production van had a "medical emergency" and crashed into the set, hitting a 52-year-old male security guard.

The security guard was transported to a hospital, but unfortunately passed away soon after.

Our thoughts go out to the deceased's family and friends.

So sad.

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