Monday, March 28, 2011

Picture Framing - Antique Versus Modern Techniques

For beer aficionados around the world, October means one thing - enjoying cold brew dressed up in costumes befitting the celebration of Oktoberfest! This annual celebration that takes place in Munich, Germany is jubilantly ushered in as the mayor loudly proclaims to the crowds, "Bavaria is tapped!" I know my beer mug is ready! With over 7 million visitors to this largest beer festival of its kind, one can only imagine how many pints of beer are quaffed! From ales in authentic tankards to German foods, there is so much to do and see - including people watching the revelers in their Oktoberfest costumes. Why not join in the fun this year and wear a costume yourself!

Bill Cosby
fatigue chronique
Mark Twain
surendettement banque de france
Fifty Cent

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