Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Exploring Israel: Part 4

Another splendid day in the Holy Land!
On Wednesday, we began our journey by paying a visit to the Jordan River and the baptism site of Yardenit on the southern tip of Galilee, near where Jesus himself was baptized (above).
Momma Perez even bought a bottle to take some water back home. Holy water! Literally!
We splashed some [...]


Well, unfortunately, there's someone else out there who wanted it more, so no dice!

Check out (above) one of the creepiest things we've ever seen, a life sized wax figure of Patrick Swayze dressed as his character from the 1989 flick Road House.

Created by Logan Fleming, this terrifying piece of art, which "sports his famous flowing 1980s hair style, khaki pants, and short sleeve black polo shirt" was recently auctioned off for an unknown final selling price.

Oh, and he didn't come with shoes.

Yeah. If this doesn't deserve the first serious 'WTF?!' of the day, then we'd be frightened to know what does!

Not the best way to honor his memory.

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