Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Injured Spider Man: Turn Off The Dark Actor Will Spend Xmas Hospitalized

On Monday Broadway actor Christoper Tierney fell 30 feet and was injured in a failed stunt during a performance of the cursed musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark. As you may recall, Tierney‘s fall caused quite a bit of drama for the embattled Broadway musical … but, at last, the show will begin performances TONIGHT. [...]

David and I made the brave decision to make our way to The Grove last night so that we could walk around the outdoor shopping center to take in the Xmas decorations, pick up a few last minute things and pretty much just hang out. Fortunately for us, the massive crowds weren’t an issue nor was the, thankfully, dry weather. No, when I was bleeding all over the floor at World Market not 10 minutes into our arrival, I knew it was going to be a special night.

Let me tell you, broken glass ornaments are no joke … NO JOKE PEOPLE! While perusing the Xmas offerings at World Market, I reached out to pick up a cute little glass bird thing and little did I know that it was broken. A very sharp piece of the glass poked right into my fingertip and SQUIRT! out came the blood. I was so surprised, I didn’t know what to do … but by the time the 8th big drop of blood splashed onto the floor, I grabbed a newspaper flyer and wrapped my finger. It took a bit of time but the folks at World Market came over to clean up the blood and whisk me into the back storeroom so that I could wash my finger and get it all bandaged up … OH and to fill out 3 forms to document the accident. To be honest, I was more embarrassed than anything else … and I ended up buying a NOT BROKEN glass bird for our Xmas tree so … yeah, that was the most exciting part of the night.

The rest of the night was fairly nice, yet uneventful. We managed to get “snowed” on by the fake snow that The Grove pumps into the air … snow that is made out of soap, so if you inhale it, get it in your eyes or swallow it … it makes you want to die. Xmas in LA, folks.

Tonight, David and I will be sharing our first Xmas Eve dinner together so we are looking forward to that. I have a few Xmas specials I want us to watch … deffo A Charlie Brown Christmas, most likely Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer and hopefully White Christmas (which will be a hard sell for David but … well, Xmas miracles do happen). I hope all y’all have a fabulous Xmas Eve tonight. May Santa Claus make your Xmas wishes come true … and Happy Holidays!!

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