Monday, October 3, 2011

George Clooney To The Rescue!

Okay, so maybe things didn't go so well when George Clooney tried to play a hero in Batman & Robin, but now it looks like he's getting a second chance in real life.
Yesterday, a group founded by George Clooney announced that it's teaming up with Google, a U.N. agency, and anti-genocide organizations to launch "satellite [...]


Say what?!

According to reports, the Happiest Place On Earth is leaving more than few mouseketeers a little less than pleased this morning. Sources are reporting that guests attempting to get into Disneyland the last two days have been turned away and redirected to California Adventure. Apparently, the park has been reaching capacity almost immediately after opening.

In fact, this morning, BOTH parks were reportedly filled to the brim with peeps!

Crowds are to be expected on holiday weeks, but this is just CRAZY! Poor kiddies denied their rides on the teacups! Boo!

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