Thursday, October 13, 2011

Watch: Video From Shania Twains Beach Wedding

Yesterday we learned that Shania Twain surprisingly married her new fiancee Frédéric Thiébaud on a beach in Rincon, Puerto Rico on New Year’s Day in front of 40 of the couple’s closest family and friends. Today we get to see video from the wedding ceremony that features Shania and Frédéric lovingly exchanging their vows to [...]

Paris Hilton and Cy Waits, who spend their Xmas holiday in Hawaii, have made their way to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico to celebrate the New Year and spent part of their holiday zip-lining thru the Mexican jungles. And before you ask, NO, the couple did not suffer a horrible accident where their zip-line snapped (or was cut) resulting in their immediate and gruesome deaths … they just had themselves a fun day of adventure.

To be honest, it looks like the happy couple had a lot of fun. Clearly, they’ve moved beyond their double drug bust in Las Vegas, NV back in 2010 … apparently, they are zip-lining together toward a hopeful new future … free of criminal prosecution. Considering how wealthy they are, you’d think they’d spend all of their time engaged in this kind of wholesome fun. Hopefully Paris has learned her lesson and she will successfully manage to make it thru 2011 without getting her ass into any trouble. She’s already successfully navigated the criminal-free waters for 2 days … can she make it thru the other 363 days of 2011?

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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