Sunday, February 27, 2011

Lea Michele Refuses To Leave Glee!

She's not going down without a fight!
With Ryan Murphy's recent announcement that he plans on replacing the high school cast of Glee when they "graduate" in 2012, Lea Michele is absolutely positive she'll remain on the show no matter what!
Lea told sources, "Maybe I would come back as a teacher on Glee."
Hmm. That's a [...]


Well, this is just big bowl of stupid.

A company in Kentucky is creating an amusement park called Ark Encounter that features a full-scale “replica” of Noah’s Ark. But that’s just the beginning — a park official has made it clear that there will be dinosaurs on the ark. Next to all of the other animals — like monkeys and stuff.

You know, because dinosaurs existed when all of the other animals did, and not millions of years before.


Here’s a piece of advice to the park administrators — go pick up a science book. Have you guys heard of science? No? Well, let us explain. You see, it’s this thing that has proved over and over again that dinosaurs didn’t exist when Noah supposedly made an ark.

Maybe try reading every once in a while.

Just saying!

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