Monday, February 28, 2011

Watch: ‘The Simpsons’ Main Title Opening Directed By Banksy

Back in February we learned that the long-running animated series The Simpsons had revamped and updated the main title opening of the show for the first time in its 19 year history … today we take another look at the main title opening sequence of last night’s ep which was also changed a bit. The [...]

Reprising their roles for another go ’round, actors Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha and Zach Galifianakis (not pictured below) were all spotted at Ontario International Airport here in SoCal this weekend on the set of the sequel film The Hangover 2. Here are a few photos from the first day of production:

As I understand it, the guys will be traveling to Bangkok, Thailand for their next night of misadventures. I’m guessing they won’t be messing with the film’s formula too much … The Hangover was such a big hit, it shouldn’t be too hard to churn out another film that will please just as much. While I liked the first film, I didn’t love it as much as everyone else seemed to. We’ll have to wait and see how The Hangover 2 turns out. Are any of y’all excited?

[Photo credit: Splash News]

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