Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Michael Lohan Issues A Statement That He Will No Longer Issue Statements

Michael Lohan, the fame-hungry estranged ex-con father of Lindsay Lohan, is known for doing some pretty dumb things … his hypocrisy is entirely laughable and nothing that he says can ever be taken seriously. It’s common knowledge that Lohan has never met a camera that he didn’t like … he’s been know to offer his [...]

When last we saw photos of hottie Ryan Gosling on the SoCal set of his new film Drive, he looked all greased up and dirty … and fine. Today we get to see new photos of Ryan on set, but this time he’s all bloody … and damn fine:

Lord have Mercy … I mean … what more is there to say. The man just looks hot even when he’s not trying to look hot. Toss a bit of fake blood on his v-neck shirt and, voila, instant sex. First it was grease, then blood … I wonder what other liquid Ryan will be slathered in for his next movie scene.


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