Thursday, April 7, 2011

‘Megamind’ Premieres In NYC

Brad Pitt and his eldest sons Maddox Chivan and Pax Thien managed to tear themselves away from their temporary new home in Hungary (where pseudo-wife and mama Angelina Jolie is bizzy directing her first film) to make their way to NYC last night for the premiere of Brad‘s new animated film Megamind. Costars Tina Fey [...]

David Cassidy, who found fame and fortune as a teen heartthrob on The Partridge Family, was arrested last night in Fort Lauderdale, FL on charges of drunk driving. Here is David‘s very unattractive mugshot … he got busted, y’all!

Former teen idol David Cassidy faces a drunken driving charge after a Florida Highway Patrol officer stopped him on a Fort Lauderdale, Florida, highway Wednesday night. Cassidy, 60, failed roadside sobriety tests and registered at .14 on an alcohol breath test, according to the arrest report. A reading of .08 or higher is illegal for drivers in Florida. The singer-actor “appeared to be somewhat confused” and was “very apologetic for having to be stopped,” the arresting officer said. Police found a half-empty bottle of bourbon under the seat of Cassidy’s Mercedes, although he told the officer he had only consumed a glass of wine with lunch several hours earlier, the report said. He told the officer he took a hydrocodone pill — a pain medication also known as Vicodin — about three hours earlier. The trooper pulled Cassidy over after his car left the roadway and went onto the shoulder rumble strip two times before cutting off another car at an exit ramp, the police report said. His publicist did not immediately respond to CNN requests for comment.

The fact that Cassidy blew a .14 on the breathalyzer is reason enough for his arrest but he got caught with a half-empty bottle of bourbon under his car seat? Yeah, I don’t know how his lawyer is going to be able to argue away this incident as a misunderstanding. It is so reckless and exceedingly dangerous to get behind the wheel of a car while intoxicated … I can’t even believe that anyone would drive around while drinking any alcoholic beverage. Are we supposed to believe that David Cassidy wasn’t drinking that bottle of bourbon while he was driving? I’m very curious to see if he is able to get himself out of this pickle of a problem he got himself into. Thank the gods that no one was injured.


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